Saturday, August 23, 2014

Will Adult Autism Care Issues Be Considered During #nbvotes 2014?

New Brunswick election 2014 is underway with the NDP, Liberal, Green and PANB parties going all out to replace the PC party.  Party signs are proliferating around the city of Fredericton. The Liberal Party kicked off big time in Fredericton with special guest federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau and provincial leader Brian Gallant. It was a lively, well organized event and the optimism was clear. I enjoyed my brief chat with the charming greeting ladies pictured outside the Fredericton Ex building. In a general sense I enjoy elections, I firmly believe, despite the many legitimate bases for criticism that they are the foundation of our amazing freedoms that our soldiers have fought for and died to preserve.

There are many important issues in this election as in many others.  It will be easy for our political party leaders to overlook the needs of adults with complex severe autism disorders for whom group homes are not always an option.  In the past our "inclusive", "community" oriented province has sent severely autistic adults out of the province or to the psychiatric hospital on our northern border with Quebec far from most families in the much more heavily populated south of New Brunswick.  Maybe, just maybe, beginning with this election, our leaders will accept the reality that NB includes severely autistic adults in need of permanent residential care in a facility with professionally trained staff and oversight, a facility located in Fredericton close to the autism expertise  developed at the Stan Cassidy Centre and the UNB-CEL Autism Intervention program.

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