Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Research Into Early Autism Interventions - La Trobe University Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre (OTARC)

Another excellent, thorough discussion from LaTrobe University's  Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre (OTARC) focusing this time on early intervention research. 
"Published on 16 Mar 2014

Dr Kristelle Hudry, Dr Giacomo Vivanti, Dr John McEachin discuss the development and trends of research into early intervention. Topics covered include the neurodiversity v intervention debate, barriers to research into interventions: historical tendency to prefer high functioning autism, lack of understanding about how children learn, lack of sector accepting evidence of research, general lack of scientific culture, priorities of research funders, the problems of randomised control trials as best practice scientific design."


farmwifetwo said...

Is this where they are going to admit that they don't actually improve outcomes unless you are on the mild end of the spectrum??

Training is not teaching. But it is how the therapies and education system work. Thankfully, my son got out of the ABA training, and regular classroom that followed the same "training" and in with 2 amazing teachers these last 4yrs that taught him to learn and think on his own.

If you look online at those with mod/severe autism, the one's that are thriving are the one's that stayed away from ABA and parents did a lot of the teaching.

Note I said "teaching" not training.

Anonymous said...

I think that Dr Giacomo made a great point in saying that there is almost no research done on adults with autism.
Conor has now fallen into views of autism from the 50's where there is very little effort to help him progress further.
Conor is still very young. He needs intensive early adult intervention.

Unknown said...


Thank you for posting yet again your personal hostility towards ABA based on your son's experience. I have provided many references to objective studies and reviews conducted over several decades by authorities from the US Surgeon General's office to the American Academy of Pediatrics to the recent Australian Society, the for Autism Research review all of which endorse ABA as the most evidence based effective autism intervention. Still you persist with your angry denunciations of ABA based on your son's individual experience.

You are not open to reason. You are locked in to your son's past experience. Too bad.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 2:31 pm.

I thank you for your comments.

If you are comfortable doing so, and if you know of any adult facilities you would recommend in Canada or the US I would appreciate it if you could send me an email at AutismRealityNB@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

If anonymous' intentions bear fruit Harold please share them with us. Thanks Cam.