Monday, March 17, 2014

Autism Reality Check: Autism Is Not A Person - It Is A Disorder, A Group of Disorders or A Group of Symptoms

Autism is not a person.  

Autism is defined by some authorities as a disorder, by others as "autisms" or a varied group of complex heterogeneous disorders and by still other authorities as a group of symptoms which together have come to be referred to as "autism".  Autism is not, however, a person and because of that indisputable fact it can not sign petitions lobbying government institutions to abolish legislation passed to fight autism.  Autism can not oppose the rights of actual persons to be cured or treated for autism and can not oppose the rights of parents and other legal caregivers to seek treatments and cures for those actual persons with autism for whom they love and for whom they are responsible to provide care for and who actually do provide such love and care along with the best lives they can within their means and abilities. 

cc: Alleged "Thinking" Persons Guide to Autism
      Alleged Autism "Self" Advocacy Network


Anonymous said...

Well said Harold.

Unknown said...

Keep fighting the good fight. Mental illness is a tricky thing even with everyone on board. The mentally ill should never get to decide whether or not research continues for treatments and possibly even a cure. There is no argument for any other disorder or mental illness besides the autism spectrum.

There are pros and cons for having psychosis (Anxiety psychosis for me specifically). That doesn't mean I can demand I give treatment to a parents child because they don't have it, and it sure as hell doesn't mean I can demand all research for a better treatment or cure be ended.

The notion of that seems completely deranged to me.

Mommie that Gets It said...

Wonderful post! As always, very well said!