Friday, February 15, 2013

Talking Autism In New Brunswick With NDP Leader Dominic Cardy

Together with New Brunswick's foremost autism expert, clinical psychologist and UNB Professor Emeritus (Psychology) Paul McDonnell,  I enjoyed a visit to NB NDP headquarters on Prospect Street in Fredericton this afternoon for a direct, candid and open minded discussion about autism services in New Brunswick with NDP leader Dominic Cardy and NB NDP Executive Director Amanda Francis.  We covered a lot of ground with Paul reviewing early intervention, school and adult care autism services along with the parent advocacy that led to those services being provided. (I chimed in on occasion).  

In fact everyone contributed to the discussion. It was refreshing to discuss autism issues without having to break through a fixed mindset.  Mr. Cardy's office had responded promptly to the February 7. 2013 Autism Society New Brunswick invitation to attend our AGM  and Ms Francis indicated Mr. Cardy would be pleased to meet with us.  With all the news breaking this week of the NDP role in the anti-patronage bill and former Liberal Minister Kelly Lamrock joining the NDP I was fully expecting a postponement of the meeting.  The meeting went ahead though and it was everything you could hope for in discussing a cause, in our case autism, with a political leader. 

Mr. Cardy also re-affirmed his commitment to attending the Autism Society New Brunswick meeting at UNB Fredericton, MacLaggan Hall  on March 23 beginning at 12:30.  

On behalf of ASNB I want to thank Mr. Cardy and Ms. Francis and say that we look forward to continuing the discussion!

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Cam said...

Finally, congratulations Harold. Don't know if I'll be able to attend. But looking forward to your reports and good luck for a successful and productive meeting. Cam