Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Conor's Happy 17 Birthday Smurfday

Conor is 17 today! It's his birthday Smurfday as we ordered a birthday cake at the local Superstore featuring the Smurfs, currently his favorite movie which we have recorded on our television DVR function.  (Dad has seen it a few times too, little disappointed Gargamel wasn't on the cake,  just kidding!).  The "cake" is actually made of 20 cupcakes with an icing layer across the top. Conor's birthday is also known as spoil Conor silly day in our house and he has picked out Greco pizza for supper.  


Jean said...

Happy Birthday, Conor! Have a cupcake or two for your friends in Vancouver!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Conor

did you just bite the head off that smurf???

I love to bite heads off jelly babies Karen :-)

Claire said...

Yay Conor! Happy b'day big guy!

jonathan said...

great photo, happy birthday