Tuesday, November 20, 2012

One Grand Mal Seizure Later Conor Is Back

Conor was happy and full of life on our trail walk today. 
At times his feet didn't even touch the ground.

The Grand Mal seizure Conor experienced Saturday morning took him down pretty hard (and scared the bejeebers out of his Dad).  He did recover well though and today, under a beautiful blue sky in Fredericton,  Conor showed off his energy and enthusiasm as he, Mom and Dad (the invisible guy behind the camera) enjoyed a trail walk adventure to the Superstore.  Yes, we are taking it very seriously with medical examinations to continue but today we enjoyed Fredericton in the fall and we very much enjoyed our time with Conor. 


Karen said...

I am so glad Conor is well again and experiencing the beauty of life.

What beautiful photos....precious memories of such lovely times for you all

Love to you all

Anonymous said...

Hi: Wanted to let you know that you are not alone. My son who is non-verbal had a grand mal seizure just before he turned 14. He was put on an anti-seizure med and it has controlled this for the most part. The inital seizure was in 2009 and he has had about four break-through seizures due to growth, but those were small and short and controlled again by small increases in the med. This confirms to me that there are neurological issues at the base of moderate to severe autism. On the bright side, his med also helps to stabilize his moods. One day at a time for all of us! Glad your son is out and about today..

Anonymous said...

Glad he's out & about today. Keep me posted.


Claire said...

Teen years are typically difficult re: seizures for all kids with neuro challenges. All that body chemistry going crazy! Hope it doesn't bother Conor too much and that you can indeed get a bit of extra help when/if you need it.

Mommie that Gets It said...

So sorry to hear about Conor! I am glad to hear he is okay. Sorry that you also got a scare.

The pictures are wonderful.

:) Heather