Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rational, Flexible Inclusion: The Fully Inclusive Classroom Is Only One Of The Right Ways To Meet The Best Interests Of The Special Needs Child (Henteleff, 2004)

Attached hereto is a PNG copy as well as a PDF copy link to "The Fully Inclusive Classroom Is Only One Of The Right Ways To Meet The Best Interests Of The Special Needs Child"(2004) by Yude M. Henteleff, C.M. Q.C., L.L.D. (Hon).  Mr. Henteleff outlines succinctly and compellingly the legal basis for a rational, flexible model of inclusive education, one which will permit children with special needs, including severely autistic and developmentally delayed children like my son to participate in a safe, meaningful and rewarding education.  Here in New Brunswick the Porter-Aucoin report is pushing us Back To The Future, back to the simplistic and fundamentally flawed mid 1980's approach of forcing all children, regardless of their needs and challenges, to receive their education in the mainstream classroom.  The CACL and NBACL are now imposing their simplistic "vision" on schools in New Brunswick contrary to the 2009 NB policy defining inclusive education as being evidenced based and based on the best interests of each individual child. 

Dr. Henteleff's 2004 paper represents an articulate, sophisticated analysis by one of Canada's most distinguished lawyers who has represented many disability groups including autism groups and learning disability association groups over a long and distinguished career. Unfortunately, our current NB Premier David Alward and Education Minister Jody Carr are faithful followers of Gordon Porter's   simplistic inclusion "vision".  Hopefully future NB governments will just walk away from that "vision".  The Henteleff critique, first presented to the CACL in 2004 and maintained on their web site until recently provides a rational, flexible alternative for future NB administrations.  Mr. Henteleff also presented a new submission at the Atlantic Human Rights Centre inclusive education conference.  It will be made available to participants after the conference and I will post it on this site.  

Many thanks to Mr. Henteleff.  And thanks to my friend Claire who was kind enough to provide me with access to a copy of the attached paper.

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Anonymous said...

Ken Pike from NBACL had a commentary in the Editorial of yesterday's Telegraph Journal. You can guess what his rant was about. I'm sure it's on the NBACL website somewhere.
I would have given it a morsel of credit had it come from Gordonm Porter himself...but trust me that will never happen.

Dawn Bowie