Thursday, June 21, 2012

Conor Misses His So-Called "Segregated" Autism Schooling BUT Summer Helps A Lot

Conor Doherty, enjoying a summer outing with Dad 
in Fredericton, the green city.

In New Brunswick advocates of extreme, everyone in the classroom, inclusion like to describe my son's accommodations as "segration" as though it could be equated with the racially segregated schools of the old American south.  Conor in fact attends a neighborhood school and has ample opportunity to mix with other students, both challenged students in his High School Resource Centre and throughout Leo Hayes High School.  He is well liked and has friends in both the Resource Centre and in the rest of the school. I have often, and I am mean often, seen kids approach Conor with big smiles and greet him.  His instruction, his ABA based instruction, is received in a separate quieter area and he absolutely loves going to school.  Anyone who has worked with Conor in his high school or previously in middle or grade school can confirm these facts.  

Conor does not receive a "segregated" schooling to use the pejorative terminology of NB's very influential full inclusion activists in the CACL and NBACL.  He receives an evidence based, flexible, inclusive education that accommodates his serious autistic disorder and developmental delay hallenges. Conor loves school. When school ends each year it is a difficult time for him. 

Summer heat and humidity can cause problems too but we do get outdoors, a lot,  in Fredericton, the green city, which we both love and it helps a lot.  The last couple of days we have done some bridge walking to Fredericton's south side for fresh air, exercise and of course ... treats.  (Conor has a new "walking" shirt, one of Dad's old loose fitting shirts to go over his T-shirts).

Conor would like to see September arrive quickly, and resume the "segregated" education that Conor loves and some misguided adults demean,  but he and his ol' Dad will enjoy the summer in Fredericton,  this very habitable green city.


Autism Mom said...

I am so grateful for our son's "segregated" and privately run school and their amazing non-union staff! ;)

Looks like you are all off to a great start! Have a Wonderful Summer!

Anonymous said...

Connor deserves year round schooling based on his unique and individual needs. There is no reason he has to wait for September. I hope Canada recognizes the needs of severely autistic individuals who require year round services, based on their need for a highly structured routine. A routine that shouldn't be broken when traditional schooling ends. Clearly, there are enough funds, though getting those funds are always a challenge, due to political moves that divert funds into areas that are not meeting the needs of our most vulnerable citizens both in America and Canada. Perhaps legislators don't realize that most parents of autistic children and adults are very intelligent capable parents who depend on these year round services so they themselves can get respite and breaks to rejuvenate themselves and be productive members of society.