Sunday, May 20, 2012

Walking With Conor After IMFAR Autism Research Convention

IMFAR was quite an experience.  Very intense. Learned lots, saw lots and met some interesting people. Spent a lot more time indoors then I usually would at this time of year though.  I was glad to get back to Fredericton and get outdoors  walking with Conor today.  And we did lots of walking.  Conor had missed his old Dad while I was gone and his Mom managed the situation by having him check off each day that I was gone on the list above including this morning when he woke up.  He checked Sunday off the list and we hit the trails. Great to be home.





Claire said...

Daddy does indeed do much "workity work", but it's all for Conor!!

Þorgerður said...

Good work ...for both Dad and Conor.