Monday, May 21, 2012

After IMFAR Some Green Therapy

My 4 days at IMFAR 2012 in Toronto were an incredible experience. After 4 days spent largely inside a hotel though I was in need of some "therapy". Yesterday I hit the trails for some outdoor Conor time.  Felt great.  

Today more time outdoors enjoying the green city  of Fredericton and its surroundings.  Green therapy works every time.  I should have asked Ilanit Gordon Ph.D. of oxytocin fame to do some fMRI scans to get my baseline measurements at the end of the IMFAR conference and then do some more today after a couple of good outings on the North Riverfront Trail and around Killarney Lake. Oxytocin? Not for me thanks.  Green therapy, absolutely!


Claire said...

Wow...that is beautiful! And the birds! Thank the powers that be for nature. Soothed my troubled mind more than once.

Unknown said...

It was a great weekend to return home to Fredericton. Perfect weather for getting around the trails of our green city.