Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Don Davies, MP Vancouver Kingsway, Stands Up for Moncton's Maeng Family

Yes a member of Parliament has spoken up in the House of Commons on behalf of the Maeng family, the Korean family, residents of Moncton New Brunswick  for several years, and contributing members of that community, who are facing imminent deportation because their younger son has autism and epilepsy.  No it is not the Conservative Member of Parliament from Moncton,  Robert Goguen, who has made no public comment on the serious threat facing the Maeng family and their 15 year old autistic son. It was Vancouver Kingsway NDP MP Don Davies who asked the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration to review this troubling decision, a decision of which many Canadians are ashamed:

Mr. Don Davies (Vancouver Kingsway, NDP): Mr. Speaker, the people of Moncton are shocked to learn that some very respected members of their community are facing deportation.
    The Maeng family have put down firm roots since moving to Canada eight years ago. They have built their own business, and their eldest son is studying to become a dentist.
    However, despite having disclosed their younger son's health problems from the outset, they are now being told his autism and epilepsy disqualify them from permanent residency.
    Will the minister commit to reviewing this troubling decision on humanitarian and compassionate grounds?

It is encouraging to see a Member of Parliament standing up for the Maeng family.  It is sad though  that an MP from Canada's other coast has taken up their cause while local MP's remain silent.

Thank you Mr. Davies.


Adrianna said...

I am American so I have no power to help or stand up for you. If nothing else, I want to say God bless the Maeng family and I hope you see justice.

I have heard of some ridiculous reasons for deportation, one of which involved-get this-a tour guide violation in Italy. But deporting a family because their son needs care? That's indeed a new one.

Anonymous said...

More importantly - what was the "honorable" minister's reply?