Thursday, February 03, 2011

Autism iPhone App Launched by Spurwink and Mowbi

Spurwink and Mowbi have launched an iPhone application to help persons with high functioning autism and Aspergers in social situations.  The Mowbi Mobile Commerce site posted a promotion yesterday Spurwink Launches Autism App with Mowbi:

"In effort to provide the highest level of mental health support to children, teens, adults, and families, Spurwink has launched an iphone application that assists adolescents and adults who are living with autism. App Publishing, a division of Mowbi LLC, developed this groundbreaking application.

The autism application is specifically designed for teens and adults on the autism spectrum, including Asperger’s and other developmental delays. This autism app helps support adolescents and adults in social situations, by providing scenarios about every day communication with friends, classmates, and other people users might encounter."

In all honesty I wouldn't have paid too much attention to an announcement about a new mobile application, connected to autism or not if it weren't for the involvement of Spurwink an evidence based treatment and care facility for persons with autism and other disorders.  Spurwink has featured prominently here in New Brunswick, Canada as the facility to which some autistic New Brunswickers have been sent for treatment because we lack a facility that can provide high quality evidence based residential care and treatment for the most severely challenged autistic youth and adults. 

I have no opinion or knowledge to share on iPhone apps generally, or on this one specifically, other than to say that Spurwink's participation in development of the application will certainly attract attention and possibly add credibility to the application. 

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Bruce McIntosh said...

The newser on Appabout it ( is now going "404 Not Found."

Did you catch the actual name of the app? An iTunes search for either Spurwink or Mowbi returns no hits.