Sunday, February 06, 2011

Will Current Media Frenzy Attacking Possible Autism Vaccine Links Be Counter Productive?

Will the current media frenzy unleashed with the BMJ-Brian Deer fraud allegations (unproven in a court of law) against Andrew Wakefield, followed up with another Paul Offit big media tour, and a star celebrity turn by Bill Gates yelling "LIARS" in his very loud voice finally result in an increase in vaccinations or will it be counterproductive?    Feel free to register your vote on the poll at the top of the sidebar. 


Anonymous said...

Hi i'm a regular reader from Spain and i'm only leaving this comment to thank you for this amazing blog.
I would like to share with you my experiencies.

I'm on the mild autism spectrum--which i relate to the general anaesthetics my that agve to my mother when i was born.

I've experienced an awesome improvement in my condition practicing yoga and changing my diet. My take is this: the excess of aberrant brain cells in autistic brains is electromagnetically more active--it has been recently proven that white matter conduces too synapsies. So the circulation of the bioenergy that you do in yoga really helps. Have you seen "The Horse Boy"? It stucked me that the traditional healer (who traditionally is someone that has mastered that bioenergetioc processess) seems to remove from the boy something that he has on the brain and the spine.

Also with a diet free of sugar i did a lot of improvement too--sugar causes adrenal glands to overwork and it is well know that autists have imbalanced cortisol levels, which are produced in that glands.

best wishes,


Celeste Jean said...

What a very interesting thought. I have found all these current developments unsettling, but had not thought about how it may effect the actions of the population in general.