Thursday, October 15, 2009

Autism Negotiations: Conor Holds Out For Treats

Conor wasn't as keen as Dad to get out for a trail walk on this beautiful afternoon so I used all my parenting skills to get Conor out for a walk with me. ... I negotiated ... actually I bribed him with the promise that our walk would include a sidewalk for treats at the Superstore. Conor meant business too picking out "lunchable" treats for his school lunch, chips and a Coffee Crisp. Yes I know I am a bad, bad parent. Actually Conor has no dietary issues and eats good vegetables, fruits and meats and drinks lots of juice and milk on his own initiative. And I just like spoiling him some times. So sue me.

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Celeste Jean said...

I just went to an autism parent training class recently where they pointed out that "bribing" is rewarding for doing something bad. What you are doing is giving him positive reinforcement for doing something good. Well done!

Unknown said...

Thank you Celeste.

I love trail walking with Conor and I enjoy just spoiling him once in a while.

farmwifetwo said...

Nothing wrong with a good bribe once in a while.

Mine know not to ask in stores for treats unless it's the bookstore and then everyone gets to pick what they want to read.

Spoiling b/c you can, is a lot more fun for all then constantly bribing to get compliance. There's a HUGE difference IMO.

We had flurries (nothing stayed) last night :(