Friday, October 16, 2009

Are Vaccines A Medical Community Cult? Read the Atlantic

The Atlantic has an excellent article on vaccines, including the medical establishment's cult-like (my description) belief in vaccine efficacy despite flimsy supporting evidence and the harsh treatment of medical community members who dissent or question the vaccine faith. The article is not focused on autism and is not diverted by the usual arguments about autism but it is definitely relevant and very thought provoking. Whatever your views on vaccine issues I recommend it for your consideration.

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Anonymous said...

I find what the Globe and Mail printed to be more credible:

"Being vaccinated against H1N1 is the most effective way to save lives. It is the right thing to do."

Unknown said...

Anonymous 5:47

Thank you for commenting here, even if it was just to offer the G & M's editorial telling other people what to do with their bodies and their health, backed up by neither analysis nor information.

I rejected though your blanket statement of the autism/vaccine issue as spam unrelated to the comment to which it was posted.

Claire said...

I linked this article to my blog as well. It is excellent in the extreme. Thanks for the heads up!