Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Autism on the Way? Swine Flu Vaccine Adjuvants, Thimerosal and Autism

Pregnant women will be at the front of the line for the Swine Flu vaccine in many countries. Mercury in thimerosal crosses the placental barrier. So thimerosal will not be used in the Swine Flu vaccine right? WRONG!. Thimerosal will be used and its negative effects, including possibly autism in some of the women's children, could be enhanced by the aluminum adjuvants used in the vaccines.

Australian scientist Vera Scheibner Ph.D., has described the effects of aluminum adjuvants including the enhancement of mercury toxicity and possible autism implications amongst a host of other health issues in The Terrifying World Of Vaccine Adjuvants:

Adjuvants are formulated compounds, which when combined with vaccine antigens intensify
the body’s immune response. They are used to elicit an early, high and long-lasting immune
response. “The chemical nature of adjuvants, their mode of action and their reactions (side
effect) are highly variable in terms of how they affect the immune system and how serious their adverse effects are due to the resultant hyperactivation of the immune system. While
adjuvants enable the use of less *antigen to achieve the desired immune response and reduce vaccine production costs, with few exceptions, adjuvants are foreign to the body and cause adverse reactions”, writes Australian scientist Viera Scheibner Ph.D, (1) The most common adjuvant for human use is an aluminum salt called alum derived from aluminum hydroxide, or aluminum phosphate. A quick read of the scientific literature reveals that the neurotoxic effects of aluminum were recognized 100 years ago. Aluminum is a neurotoxicant and has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological disorders.

The article cites Boyd Haley for the proposition that vaccines which contain both aluminum adjuvants and mercury based preservative, greatly magnify the neurotoxic effects. The article comments on squalenes used in vaccines and a process called molecular mimicry and ties molecular mimicry to the autism epidemic:

Tying molecular mimicry to the autism epidemic, many children have regressed into autism spectrum disorders after injection with the triple live virus MMR (measles,mumps,rubella) vaccine. Dr.Vijendra Singh’s research at Utah State University suggests that auto-antibodies are attacking myelin in these children. He has shown that many autistic children have auto-antibodies to brain myelin basic protein (MBP) as well as elevated levels of measles virus antibodies. “Immunoblotting analysis showed the presence of an unusual MMR antibody in 60% (75 of 125) of autistic children, but none of the 92 normal children had this antibody. In addition, there was a positive correlation (greater than 90%) between MMR antibody and MBP auto-antibody, suggesting a causal association between MMR and brain autoimmunity
in autism. This is one of the most important findings in autism to date, which prompted us to link measles virus in the etiology of the disorder”, writes Dr. Singh. (8,9,10)

These excepts are a small selection of the information contained in this article which I recommend for reading by anyone who is interested in reading beyond the standard public health authority assurances about the possible consequences of the still not tested Swine Flu Vaccines. Although I have extracted sections directly referencing autism the article covers many other issues associated with vaccine adjuvants.

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John Tensen said...

Very interesting info on the link between aluminum and autism, alzheimers and other mental disorders.

This H1N1 flu should be taken very seriously as it is unlike any other.

Did you know the government may have actually been behind this H1N1 outbreak? Read this: The H1N1 swine flu and what you really need to know!