Thursday, August 13, 2009

Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis Workshop in Arizona - Real Help for Autistic Children

With all the nonsense about autism in the mainstream media, Hollywood movies and Neurodiversity blog sites it is refreshing to see a simple notice like the one from Arizona about an organization actually trying to help autistic children. The notice, on, refers to a workshop called Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis presented by the Arizona Autism United, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization providing services to children with autism spectrum disorders in Arizona.

The notice states quite simply that Applied Behavior Analysis is a method used to intervene on problem behaviors and teach new skills. Contrary to all the tortured arguments put forth by anti-ABA activists like Michelle Dawson that simple statement reflects the focused approach of people, and ABA, that actually help autistic children.

The article Workshop focus is 'Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis' has all the contact information for parents in the area who might be interested in registering for this free workshop scheduled for Aug. 22 .

This type of hard work and focus on actually helping autistic children is not likely to make the NYT, CNN or CBC but it is the type of effort that goes on every day by parents and organizations concerned about the realities facing autistic children in a challenging world. People who do what they can to help. Real autism advocates.

Nothing is done without them.

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