Sunday, June 14, 2009

US Regulators FDA and EPA Cover Up Chemical Dangers

Warning: Chemicals in the packaging, surfaces or contents of many products may cause long-term health effects, including cancers of the breast, brain and testicles; lowered sperm counts, early puberty and other reproductive system defects; diabetes; attention deficit disorder, asthma and autism. A decade ago, the government promised to test these chemicals. It still hasn't.

Chemical Fallout: A Journal Sentinel Watchdog Report

Autism is certainly not the only possible negative consequence of the untested chemicals which surround us and lurk inside each of us. Anyone interested in getting up to speed quickly on these common dangerous products and how protective agencies such as the FDA and the EPA failed their responsibilities and subordinated their roles to the companies that manufactured and profited from these harmful materials should consult the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel On Line Series, Chemical Fallout, which has been published over the past year and a half.

In a recent entry published May 16, 2009 the JSOnline reports direct evidence of the degree to which the FDA worked hand in hand with the chemical industry lobbyists and failed to protect the public:

"As federal regulators hold fast to their claim that a chemical in baby bottles is safe, e-mails obtained by the Journal Sentinel show that they relied on chemical industry lobbyists to examine bisphenol A's risks, track legislation to ban it and even monitor press coverage.

In one instance, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's deputy director sought information from the BPA industry's chief lobbyist to discredit a Japanese study that found it caused miscarriages in workers who were exposed to it. This was before government scientists even had a chance to review the study.

"I'd like to get information together that our chemists could look at to determine if there are problems with that data in advance of possibly reviewing the study," Mitchell Cheeseman, deputy director of the FDA's center for food safety and applied nutrition, said in an e-mail seeking advice from Steven Hentges, executive director of the trade association's BPA group.

The FDA relied on two studies - both paid for by chemical makers - to form the framework of its draft review declaring BPA to be safe.

The Journal Sentinel reported last year that the trade group wrote entire sections of that draft. But the revelations contained in these e-mails show a pattern of preferential treatment over the past nine years that was not afforded to independent scientists."

If anyone thinks there is no such thing as conspiracies they should read the JSOnline series and think again. Dangerous chemicals inhabit our bodies and the bodies of our children. And regulatory agencies in the US have worked with the chemical industry lobbyists to prevent the public from knowing of these dangers.

Following are links to articles in the JSOnline Series Chemical Fallout:

Bill would ban BPA in baby products

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shakingsystem said...

Dirty politics+chemical dangers=Autism in innocent children.

Given this up-hill battle
how can parents battle the monstrosity of chemical companies who are continuously conspiring with government officials and covering up the truth about potential health hazards affecting their children??

The ongoing genetic research is continuously funded by pharmaceutical companies. As well as Big Pharma companies,
chemical research studies are not being conducted independently.

How can the parents of children with autism be persuaded of results that have not been skewed or tampered with?

Independent studies would bring out some of the truths being seeked by concerned parents. What in fact is being consumed,eaten,sprayed on shampooed, and played with on a daily basis is affecting the general health and well being of autistic children all over the world.

How can we turn the other cheek,unoblivious to the realities of what is and what can potentially be harming exponential numbers of children with autism?

Regulating potential hazardous chemicals with rigorous guidelines and legislation, can cut down considerably on many illneses in our lives and the lives of the families living with autism.

Now , if the chemical companies could look past the green lining in their pockets and consider the health and well being of children with autism .............we know that there is some progress slowly but surely that's being made!

Anonymous said...

So scary that the U.S. is getting away with this, while other countries have banned many of these chemicals.