Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baron Cohen on Autism Causes: Autism Must Involve Environmental as Well as Genetic Factors

This autism causes quote of the day is dedicated to my Neurodiversity blogger friends at lbrb and It is part of a polite email exchange between Dr. Baron Cohen and Anne Dachel at Age of Autism:

I completely agree that autism must involve both environmental as well as genetic factors (a point that nowadays hardly contentious).

Dr. Simon Baron Cohen, Age of Autism, Dr. Baron Cohen Responds

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Anonymous said...

Kev I was wondering the same about the ND movement. what is the point? now its widely accepted that autism is not a neurological difference.

kidney stones said...

I agree with you, from the many things that I've heard in connection with autism genetic factors are not the only factor that causes autism but there are also lot of things that can cause it.

kidney stones treatment said...

Yeah, it's well known nowadays that autism is not only causes by genetic factors, however I did not know this kind of problem.