Saturday, January 05, 2008

Autism Speaks Tackles Autism Crisis in South Florida Mar 24 - 28

Donald Trump, Bob Wright, Suzanne Wright, Melania Trump
Photo: TOWN-CRIER Online

Autism Speaks is continuing to show outstanding leadership in tackling the Autism Crisis in the US and around the world. Co-founders Bob and Suzanne Wright have joined with Donald and Melania Trump, local parents and autism advocates in organizing a South Florida autism awareness and fundraising initiative to take place during the last week in March. Autism Speaks Week, March 24-30, will include a number of activities including a Television News Series on the autism crisis of escalating rates of autism diagnoses, March 24 to 28 on NBC stations in the area, an on-line auction, ING Direct Ride Now South Florida motorcycle ride, Saturday, March 29, a telethon and broadcast of 'Autism Every Day', and a concert for Autism Speaks, headlined by Lionel Ritchie, Sunday March 20.

As stated by Bob and Suzanne Wright in TOWN-CRIER Online:

“Autism is a national health crisis that is affecting families in every corner of this country, from Florida to Alaska,” Bob Wright said. “Autism Speaks Week will shine a spotlight on the struggles of South Florida families and inform people about what they can do to improve the lives of individuals with autism in their community.” “Our hope is that this series of events will increase the level of understanding and acceptance,” Suzanne Wright added. “The money we raise will help Autism Speaks fund autism research and support community organizations here in South Florida and across the United States that provide critical services to children and adults with autism.”

The ability of Autism Speaks to generate public awareness of autism, raise funds for autism research is amazing. And now Autism Speaks is turning its considerable abilities to assisting local autism support organizations. Not content to engage in endless peurile debates over the appropriate metaphors to use in describing autism or whether to say "autistic person" or "person with autism" Autism Speaks is actually doing something constructive, in a big way, in addressing the Autism Crisis.

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Judith U. said...

Thanks for posting this. The continued dedication of the Wrights truly inspires me. They could just choose to sail of into the sunset on their yacht. Instead they choose to work diligently to make a difference for those dealing with the challenges of an autism diagnosis. Because of AS, things are going to get better more quickly. What a gift ...