Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Autism and Personality - Conor Relaxes With Dad

Autism is often discussed in terms of personality and in terms of affection or lack thereof. In reading descriptions of autism a person might think that all autistic persons have the same personality. Someone reaching that conclusion would be mistaken. I have met many autistic children in the course of my autism advocacy and membership in autism organizations here in New Brunswick each with their own distinct personality. I have talked about the negative realities of autism on this site because I do not want to paint a false picture of the challenges my son and our family face because of his autism. I have also tried to show the laughing good natured boy you see in some of the side bar pictures too.

While Conor can be overwhelmed by being in crowds, or by some people getting too close to him, he is in fact very affectionate. He often is very close to those who work with him professionally. And he is very affectionate with Mom and Dad. Here, while I worked on a home computer this afternoon Conor decided he would drape himself all over Dad while eating his Rice Krispie square.

No questions asked; just the most natural place in the world for Conor to be. And Dad did not object.


Ettina said...

Conor clearly loves you.
That's another myth - that autistics are not attached to their parents and treat everyone the same. Some kids don't show their feelings the same way, but autistics are just as attached as non-autistics.

Alyric said...

Nice pic there Harold and Conor's not bad looking either:)