Monday, December 31, 2007

Autism Wishes 2008

My autism wish list for 2008:

1. That all persons with autism, their friends and family members will have the best possible year in 2008 with access to effective evidence based intervention, autism trained teacher aides and teachers and appropriate residential care and housing.

2. That a cure will be found for autism, a cure which is capable of reversing, even amongst older autistic children and adults, some of the most severe aspects of autism disorder, a serious neurological disorder.

3. That the stigmatization of intellectually impaired autistic persons by society at large, by prominent media organizations, by some very intelligent and higher functioning autistic persons, and by some 'autism hub' bloggers will cease.

4. That the few who disagree with my views on autism see the error of their ways. :-)

Happy New Year to All!

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John Best said...

Maybe we can find a cure for Neurodiversity.