Sunday, August 27, 2006

Association for Science in Autism Treatment

Every parent or caregiver of a child newly diagnosed with an autism disorder will want to know what they should be doing to treat and educate their child. They will literally be hammered with a bewildering variety of useless and sometimes harmful theories about how to cure their child. Some of these ideas will be pure quackery and obviously harmful. Others will be harmful in more subtle ways, by robbing families of valuable development time for their child, financial resources and emotional reserves spent on useless interventions. Resources, especially time, that could be better spent on effective ways to help their child, are sometimes wasted. One dependable and reliable source to help sort the junk and garbage from the proven and effective is the Association for Science in Autism Treatment which can be found at:

The Association for Science in Autism Treatment is a reliable source for families looking for accurate, reliable science based information about autism treatments. If you are a parent with a child with autism don't hesitate to check out and explore the ASAT site. From the ASAT web site:

"About ASAT

Founded in 1998 by parents and professionals dedicated to improving the lives of people with autism, ASAT advocates for science-based information and effective services. ASAT strives to be an important resource for individuals with autism, family members, professionals, and paraprofessionals – in short, for anyone interested in reliable, science based and accurate information about autism and its treatments. We have an outstanding and highly regarded Advisory Board, drawn from the fields of neuroscience, genetics, psychiatry, psychology, education, and behavior analysis. The Board of Directors and Advisory Board are deeply committed to assuring that families who receive the diagnosis of autism have access to credible information as they navigate the maze of theories and choices that abound in autism intervention."

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