Sunday, November 23, 2014

Joy of Conor 2014

I will not pretend, I will never pretend, that autism is just a different way of thinking.  Heather and I love our son too much to lie to the world about the nature of his autism realities, his severe autism, intellectual disability and epileptic seizures.  Like many parents of autistic children I believe it is in his best interest that the world knows the realities  of the complex disorder he endures and that often causes him to suffer and puts his life at risk.  I can face his autism realistically while appreciating every ounce of the joy he himself  brings to our lives. I can marvel at his ability to laugh and hug and enjoy life even though I often see him in pain.  

Conor himself enjoys life and brings us great joy  and with his mother I will always try to return that joy.   I will fight those who misrepresent the disorder, and the at times very harsh symptoms, from which he suffers,  I will NOT back down and .... I will enjoy every bit of the great joy he brings us every day.

Here are some 2014  snap shots of the joy we call Conor.


Claire said...

Amen! Conor is quite the big guy, and he looks so happy. Great photos Harold.

w ford said...

Good work showing what autism really Is. autism is serious i have autism myself with medical issues. It is not just neurodiversuty by people first language advocates as well that are a problem. Nice pics cause autism is rarely smiles.

LORRI said...

Conor is so lucky to have two parents who love him so much!