Friday, February 19, 2010

With Birthday Cake In the Belly Conor Is Now Officially 14

As you can tell from yesterday's blog pictorial, Hello Conor, we have been looking foward to Conor's 14th birthday (and thinking how lucky we are to have him in our lives).  

With birthday cake duly consumed Conor is now officially 14!

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Lisa Jo Rudy said...

Oh, wow.. . he looks so grown up. Can't believe Tom's right behind him (July). So far still a soprano...but not for long!

BTW, Tom has decided he's going to get married and have two children. The boy will be named Roger... don't know yet about the girl. I have a feeling he has a particular type of wife in mind (he has mentioned that he thinks girls with dark skin are beautiful...).

Oh - and he plans to be a math teacher, a chef, and about six other things... sadly, he point blank refuses to cook or eat much of anything, and is waaaay behind grade level in math.

Still, it's nice to hear his plans.


Penny said...


Anonymous said...

And with blue icing!!! What memories.

Happy Birthday Conor!!!!!!!!


Adrianns said...

Happy belated birthday, Conor!

Claire said...

Way to go Conor!

Stranded said...

oh I am so excited, my little one's birthday is just a few weeks away. We don't celebrate "day of birth" as such but I see nothing wrong in celebrating having my kind in my life. Haha just 10 more years and my son will be 14 too :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to the birthday boy! (And thanks for your blog. I read many blogs & many opinions, rarely comment, but learn much from reading different perspectives.)

Marius Filip said...

Happy birthday to Conor! The photos with him from day one are moving.

Barry Hudson said...

Happy belated birthday Connor!!!

Harold - the pics from day one show a well loved child indeed (kinda makin me tear up a bit). Kids have this affect on me.

Barry & Family

Unknown said...

Thanks for the Happy B Day wish for Conor Barry. Good to hear from you again.

Unknown said...

Thanks to everyone who wished Conor a happy birthday.

Conor's happy dad.

Maya M said...

Also from me! Best wishes to Conor and all his family!