Friday, February 26, 2010

Autism Rising: National Post & Michael Fumento Say Autism Is Increasing in Canada, the US, Sweden and Denmark

 " Published evaluations of children in Sweden, Denmark and Canada have also shown that autism diagnoses continued to increase after the discontinuation of vaccinations with thimerosal. U.S. cases keep rising as well."

- National Post, February 17, 2010: Michael Fumento: The damage done on vaccinations

The above comment by Michael Fumento,  a featured commentator on the National Post,  is part of an opinion piece condemning critics of vaccine safety and particularly those who assert a connection between some vaccines and autism disorders.  

Fumento and the National Post dismiss fears that autism disorders in some children are caused by the mercury based vaccine preservative thimerosal by pointing to increased autism rates after the alleged removal of thimerosal from vaccines in Denmark, Sweden, the US and Canada. 

For that argument to have any weight at all it must assume that the autism increases are real and not attributable to shifting diagnostic definitions or increased social awareness.

The National Post and Michael Fumento have stated clearly their position that increases in autism diagnoses reflect actual increases in cases of autism disorders.

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Anonymous said...

With respect to Autism, its not just thimerisol and mercury, its all the neurotoxic chemicals added to each vaccine. Most of the vaccine have more than .1ml of any given neurotoxin!

Ian MacGregor said...

There is no denying that autism is being diagnosed at a much higher rate than before. The question is why.

For thimerosal to have been a cause, one must postulate that the rise was real before it was removed from most vaccines, and artificial afterwards. The artificial rise thereby hiding the real decline which would have otherwise been seen.

If the rise has been artificial, then it is exactly that. Thimerosal theories are red herrings.

If the rise has been real, then it cannot be traced to thimerosal, as there was no decline after it was much reduced. It was reduced to a level below what is was before the increase either real or artificial was noted.

I am not convinced the rise has been completely artificial. I couldn't even say whether 50% of the rise was due to changed criteria and awareness. However, its long past time to look beyond thimerosal as an environmental cause.

nhokkanen said...

"Long past time" to look at Thimerosal in vaccines? Not as long as:
- Thimerosal is still used in vaccines (see FDA website);
- Thimerosal is extremely neurotoxic at low levels (see UC-Davis studies)
- Thimerosal is negatively synergistic with aluminum (see comments by chemistry professor Boyd E. Haley, PhD);
- aluminum levels have been increased in vaccines.

Anonymous said...

Of course the Denmark rise was artificial. The study author Madsen added a cohort mid-study.

Ian MacGregor said...

The amount of thimerosal received by vaccination is less than it was before the rise in the reported rate of autism occurred. Is it aluminum, then lets look at aluminum, but I would think cookware and soft drinks would be a bigger source than vaccines.

Which UCD. study addresses Thimerosal as extremely neurotoxic at low levels. There is absolutely no doubt that mercury is neurotoxic
what levels ?

contains the UCD M.I.N.D institute position on vaccinations. They want all vaccines to be thimerosal free.

If extremely low levels were responsible for the rise in rates, then the rise would have been seen before it was. Now of course it is aluminum + thimerosal.

Ian MacGregor said...

Anonymous are you saying that most vaccines have more than .1 ml of every neurotoxin. Thus if there are 10 neurotoxins in the world the total dose of neurotoxins for most vaccines would be 1 ml?

altoids said...

The vaccine studies that "prove" that vaccines do not cause autism are like the fat lady who eats sweets. She eats pies, cookies, cakes, ice cream, and candies. She gives up eating caramels. Doesn't lose any weight. She moans and groans that she has proven again and again that sweets do not cause obesity because every time she gives up eating one food, she doesn't lose any weight.

Dr Andrew Moulden has connected ALL vaccines to autism and learning disabilities. He has done ample research. All vaccines cause ministrokes. You can watch his videos on youtube or his website

Also there is a new book out "The History of the Peanut Allergy Epidemic" by Heather Fraser.

Heather found out some interesting facts:

The WHO and FDA decided that refined peanut oil is GRAS and does not have to be listed on the package insert of vaccines or other pharmaceutical products.

If you want to know which vaccine contains peanut oil, you are not entitled to know because it is a protected trade secret.

1 in 125 of our vaccinated children have severe peanut allergies - they can go into an anaphylactic shock if they SMELL peanuts.

I want full disclosure of ALL pharmaceutical ingredients. How about you?