Thursday, June 19, 2008

When Autism Isn't A Joy - Missing Keith Kennedy Won't Call Out

Keith Kennedy

Somewhere tonight, perhaps at an art gallery in Toronto, or a literary event in New Jersey, there are some who will celebrate the joy of autism. But in the woods of Wisconsin, Keith Kennedy, an autistic man from Minnesota, with serious physical health issues, is still missing and it is feared he will not call out if he hears his name. Keith's mother told the that:

"her son has been a wanderer since he was very young. She said that some camp officials didn't know he required constant vigilance."

You won't see much about some of the negative realities of the autistic persons, children and adults, who go missing, in the rhetoric of "Autism" Rights ideologues like Michelle Dawson, Ari Ne'eman or Alex Plank. Most parents of severely autistic children though, including me, are all too aware of the need for constant vigilance.

I have felt the fear of a severely autistic son gone missing; although for a much shorter time than the Kennedy's have endured. It was the most intense fear I have felt in my life. I hope it turns out well for Keith Kennedy and his family.


Anonymous said...

when you find him safe and sound, you must purchase a personal tracking unit, put it on his personin a vest with a lock and key and you will know where he is at all times....
gemini technologies has works!!!

Julie L. said...

Yes, that's a heartwrenching story. That's definitely not a joyful aspect of autism. Personal tracking units do sound like a great idea for people with ASD who tend to wander off.

Anonymous said...

well everyone i was at a camp in grantsburg when keith went missing and our whole camp Crex Meadows searched for 2 days for was really awesome to get that experience