Thursday, May 29, 2008

Autism Speaks Finish Line at Dover

The finish line at Dover International Speedway this Sunday will feature blue Autism Speaks puzzle pieces inside the white squares. Autism Speaks is beyond compare in its abillity to find new ways to promote autism awareness.


Lisa Jo Rudy said...

I've gotta say, they've really come a long way in terms of providing for and advocating for "real" support for kids and families. Not that others don't do the same, but AutismSpeaks is in a position to do an awful lot.

Wish they weren't quite so controversial... would make life so much pleasanter!!

Lisa (

concerned heart said...

How about Autism Speak warning that older paternal age is responible for a third of all cases of autism?

Unknown said...

lisa jo is there such a thing as a non-controversial autism organization ... or discussion?

Unknown said...

concerned heart thanks for your usual.