Monday, May 12, 2008

Autism Hunger Strike Comment by Julia Munro MPP York-Simcoe




Mrs. Julia Munro
: "This morning, just in front of Queen's Park, I met with Stefan Marinoiu. Since Sunday, he has been on a hunger strike demanding that this government take action on autism. Stefan is out in front of this building because he has an autistic son and he wants his son to receive the treatment he needs."
"Yesterday, to her credit, the Minister of Children and Youth Services came out and met with Stefan. Now it is up to her to talk to the Premier and the Minister of Finance and find the money to meet the needs of autistic children like Stefan's son." "I asked Mr. Marinoiu twice to give up his hunger strike, but both times he said no. It is not good for his health, but he is out there today because of his love for his son and because the government will not help him." "No one would go on a hunger strike unless they were desperate. Families whose autistic children have been left to linger on waiting lists are desperate. They need your help, and it is time for you to do something."

- Julia Munro, MPP York-Simcoe, as reported on Yesterday at Queen's Park

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