Monday, September 15, 2014

Today I Voted For My Autistic Son's Future; Today I Voted NDP

Conor 18 1/2 with severe autism disorder, profound developmental delay, 
seizures, sensory issues and self aggressive behavior.  Few, if any group home 
staff would be able or inclined to provide the care he needs, A residential care and
treatment facility for Conor and other severely autistic adults with complex needs
has long been needed in New Brunswick.  In this election only the NDP have
committed to providing an autistic center to provide the care needed by 
severely autistic adults in NB; today I voted NDP.

We have long needed an autism center to provide long term residential care and treatment to severely autistic adults. A center could also provide expertise for guidance and supervision of a system of adult autism group homes with trained staff.  I have written on this blog many times over the years of the severely autistic adults who have been sent to a variety of locations the Restigouche (Campbellton) Psychiatric Hospital, hospital wards and foreign and out of province facilities like Spurwink in Maine.  It is not about money, considerable sums have been spent sending severely autistic adults far from family.   Out of sight, out of mind has ruled provincial decision making on the care of severely autistic adults. 

The road ahead will not be any easier than the road behind but change has to begin with a first step and the NDP have provided that first step in the NDP Election 2014 platform:


We will establish a provincial centre for the care of adults with autism."

The experts say that the Liberal Party has more voter support than the second place Conservatives with the NDP a distant third.  I voted NDP anyway.  My vote was not an attempt to be on the winning side or to elect a particular party to form the government.   I voted for the New NDP today on the basis of its commitment to establish a provincial centre for the care of adults with autism.  The  New NDP is the ONLY party to make that commitment and I voted for that commitment.  

I recognize that the experts are probably right, that the Liberals ... or if the winds shift ... the PCs ... will probably ... once again form the government.  I would like to see Dominic Cardy, Kelly Lamrock, Brian Duplessis, Charles Doucet and some other NDP MLA candidates elected.

New Brunswick's New NDP does, in my opinion, have a strong team, starting with its leader Dominic Cardy who has been very impressive in the debates  but I voted for the New NDP because it is the party which is starting the serious discussion that is needed to provide a future for my son.  I am happy they did.  

I voted for my severely autistic son's future today.  I voted for Conor.  I voted NDP.

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