Friday, December 21, 2012

Conor's Wheel of Fortune Gooey Brownie Tickle Game

Hey Dad, wanna play the Gooey Brownie Tickle Game?

I had  trouble, despite the very substantial weight difference, 
holding Conor back from giving me a Gooey Brownie Tickle 

And the Gooey Brownie Tickle winner is: Conor ... of course!

Conor has enjoyed watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! with Mom and Dad for many years.  Today we were watching our DVR recording of yesterday's Wheel of Fortune episode. The game winner was unable to solve the Bonus Round two word puzzle.  She got "Brownie" but not the first word for which few letters had appeared.  Conor giggled when he heard Pat Sajak read the answer "Gooey Brownie".  Mom immediately started a Gooey Brownie tickle fest with Conor who then came over to the chair I was in to give a reluctant Dad a Gooey Brownie tickle.  (And demonstrate both his appetite for fun and his growing strength).  A great start to the holiday season today!

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Dick Stone said...

sounds like fun. my son is 18, autistic, and absolutely loves Wheel of Fortune. when he plays Madden Football on the Playstation, we have a game we play where if he calls a timeout I tickle him, because he always uses his timeout at the beginning of the game. He will prompt me by saying "If you call timeout, Daddy's gonna tickle you."