Friday, August 31, 2012

Experienced Clinical Child Psychologist On Increases in Autism Diagnoses, Importance of ABA Treatment

From the Medicare for Autism Now! web site:

Dr. Glen Davies is a clinical child psychologist who has practiced in the Vancouver area for over 25 years. Today, over two-thirds of the children seen in his clinic are on the autism spectrum. In his 16 minute interview, Dr. Davies comments upon the dramatic increase in autism diagnosis over the last two decades. He discusses the transformational impact of ABA treatment, as well as the relative costs of not providing treatment – to autistic children, their families and society at large.

Dr. Davies is a clinical psychologist with actual experience working with children with autism. There are lots of purely academic, research psychologists working solely with abstractions and epidemiological statistics. It is important to listen to  experienced clinical psychologists like Dr. Davies, psychologists who understand the realities and challenges of autism disorders and the best known way to address those challenges ... ABA treatment.

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