Thursday, September 01, 2011

Autism Pundit's Sound Advice for Autism Speaks

Autism Pundit is the new autism blog by Dr. Sabrina Freeman, a mother of an autistic daughter, who has been a powerful advocate for evidence based treatment for children with autism, and whose "about the blogger"  section states in more detail:

"Sabrina Freeman, Ph.D. (1958-) was born in Montreal, Quebec, and grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia. She graduated from Stanford University in 1995 with a Ph.D. in Sociology, specializing in small group research and the study of organizations. Upon her return to British Columbia, Freeman spent 14 years advocating for the rights of children with autism to be included in the government funded health care system for their core health need -- autism treatment. During this period, so many parents were desperate to access treatment programs that Freeman created a 35 minute VHS/DVD [Autism: Now What Do I Do?] to help guide parents through setting up science-based treatment programs for their children. In 2002, she was awarded Queen Elizabeth's 50th Golden Jubilee Medal for advocacy work done on behalf of children afflicted with autism. Freeman's advocacy culminated in the now famous Supreme Court of Canada ruling Auton (Guardian ad litem of) v. British Columbia in 2004.

During the last 15 years, Freeman wrote several books on autism, one of which [Teach Me Language] has been subsequently translated into French, Italian and Norwegian. The next book she wrote, [Science for Sale in the Autism Wars], chronicles the struggle children with autism face against a system that does not recognize their rights to treatment. Her most recent book [The Complete Guide to Autism Treatments (2011)] is an up-to-date evaluation on the various treatments offered for children with autism. Her hope is that through her scholarship, thousands of parents will not have to go through the uncertain journey of generations of parents of newly diagnosed children. Instead, she offers parents a way to quickly evaluate various treatments and make sure that their child receives science-based treatment rather than treatments based on testimonials and good wishes."

Dr. Freeman's blog promises to rapidly become one of the best autism blogs on the internet.  Her writing style is direct and does not cater to political correctness. A good example is a comment posted yesterday called "We're Aware Already!" in which she offers sound advice to Autism Speaks on two important points. 1. The need to educate ... sorry .... encourage ... many pediatricians to drop their opposition to routine early screening for autism. 2. Start publicizing the fact that ABA has been recognized as best autism practices since 1999 by the US Office of the Surgeon General and other key agencies:

"It is time for the Autism Speaks folk to publicize the fact that:
a) The U.S. Surgeon General has recognized Intensive Behavioral Treatment as best practices for autism treatment since 1999 (that was twelve years ago)!
b) New York State has also recognized Intensive Behavioral Treatment as 
best practices since 1999(that was twelve years ago)!
c) Over 50% of
states in the U.S.
 have passed autism mandates forcing insurance companies to pay for treatment!

Once the mover’s and shakers i.e. the well funded charities, in the autism community recognize the above facts, only then will we be able to move beyond awareness into early intensive behavioral treatment for all the children who desperately need it!
What are we waiting for?"

I have already listed Autism Pundit on my sidebar as one of my favorite blogs to visit. If you are interested in helpful autism commentary I recommend Autism Pundit a blog which is serious about helping autistic children and adults written by someone who is extremely well informed, experienced in real autism advocacy, and who is a top notch writer. I encourage you to take a look at Autism Pundit and make it one of your regular blogs to visit.


Usethebrains Godgiveyou said...

Thanks for the introduction to Dr. Freeman.

I just want to say the new pictures of Conor are great!

Jean Lewis said...

Harold - Thanks for introducing, Autism Pundit. I had the priviledge of working with Sabrina for almost a decade. In BC, all real gains made for our children are only because of her knowledge, vision and incredibly hard work. As a BC parent, we owe Sabrina a debt of gratitude which can only be re-paid by a new generation of parents who are willing to work hard and pay-it-forward.
For information that's clear, honest,with no spin or political correctness, I highly recommend parents add Facing Autism in New Brunswick and Autism Pundit to their daily favorites.

Lorraine P. said...

Autism pundit is an excellent autism blog written in an honest and informative way by a very wise and dedicated woman by the name of Dr.Sabrina Freeman.
She has dedicated many years of her life advocating for science based treatment for those with autism.
I respect and admire her very much.