Monday, August 15, 2011

Wesley Romey's Story: Why Canada Needs Medicare for Autism Now!

Medicare for Autism Now! has released the film Medicare's Orphans second trailer.  In this trailer Wesley Romey and his mother Laurie Guerra tell Wesley's story.  It is the story of a boy with serious autism challenges including lack of speech and extended meltdowns who has benefited from receiving ABA therapy.   Ms Guerra candidly points out that she had the resources to be able to afford ABA treatment for Wesley where many parents can not.  Wesley's life has changed for the better because of ABA.  Canada, which likes to talk about universal medicare, does not in fact have universal medicare when an effective  treatment for autism is denied to an entire class of people with autism disorders.  With  Medicare coverage of ABA for autism treatment many other young autistic Canadians could be receiving the life enhancing treatment. The film Medicare's Orphans is scheduled for release in September.

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