Friday, May 21, 2010

Connections, Conor and Writers' Grimoire

If you are a semi-regular reader of this blog you may have noticed the link to Goody Bledsoe,  a book by Conor's mother Heather Doherty  that I have posted on the sidebar.  I have now added a link to Writers' Grimoire  the new blog co-authored by Heather and her long time friend, and fellow author, Norah Wilson.  

Heather's writings are not about autism.  She is a dedicated mother who is actively involved in all aspects of Conor's life but her writing is her writing, it is a part of her life that does not revolve around autism.  Heather and Norah as a team  write in a category, YA, which, as I understand it, is different from the romance category that Norah writes in individually and the literary category that Heather writes in. For those who question my credentials to write about autism on this blog don't worry. I am not competent, and I know I am not competent, to write about literature, romance or YA.

This blog is about autism, and about Conor, and the Wilson Doherty team has an interesting connection to Conor's life.  Heather and Norah met many years ago when they both worked  as legal secretaries at a Fredericton law firm which was located at that time down the road, literally,  from the office of the law firm where I worked at the time.  That is where I met Conor's future mother when I dropped by to pick up some legal documents for  a lawsuit in which the lawyer for whom she worked was opposing  counsel.  Conor's very existence can be traced back to that law suit and  to the law firm,where the writers who now  write together as Wilson Doherty also met.  

For Wilson Doherty that law firm was a connection that became the beginning of a long friendship and ultimately a writing collaboration.

For Conor that law firm, and the law suit that introduced me to his mother, was a connection that ultimately gave rise to his very existence. 

Just  a connection but a very important Conor Connection. 

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Beady said...

I think YA stands for "young adult" - books written for teenagers.