Sunday, March 07, 2010

For Conor There Is Fun And Then There Is Circle Place Fun

Conor had a great day trail walking with Dad this morning but his favorite part or our hike came when we visited the Circle Place; the Lawrence Amphitheatre.  Conor loves to play  balancing games on the curved cement seating rings of the amphitheatre.  We have an early spring.  Whether it is a false spring or not remains to be be seen, but Conor took advantage of the great weather to have fun at one of his favorite places - the Circle Place.

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kristina said...

looks like he has great balance.

hope spring and warm days continue.


Unknown said...

yeah he has pretty good balance Kristina, he was also moving when he was doing his balancing routine, the more precarious the more Conor seems to enjoy it

Marius Filip said...

It's so good to see him having a good time.

The photos are good, they succeeded in capturing the liveliness of the moment.

I believe the spring even is more beautiful with him around.

You are blessed.

Harold, maybe you don't know, here in Europe we celebrate on the 8th of March the International Woman Day.

With this occasion, I would like to transmit the best sentiments to your wife and to all the ladies who read your blog.

Barry Hudson said...

Hi Harold,

To quote my 3 year old son looking over my shoulder as I read this entry - "That looks like fun, it is the best thing EVER to have fun!" I agree.


Autism Mom said...

Such joy in simplicity. Love to see Conner's smile.

walking said...

I love the pictures of Conor enjoying the spring. Believe it or not, spring is slow in coming, even here in the Carolinas!