Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Autism Insanity: Kev Leitch Makes It Up As He Goes


(1) Kev Leitch has now commented on this post but instead of either backing up his claim or admitting error he sticks to his original false statement. HLD.  

(2) Since the original update KL has twice submitted posts (which I rejected as off topic)  in which he fails to acknowledge that he wrongfully included me in the highlighted quote below which I took directly from his blog site. Instead, as per past practice, Mr. Leitch changes the topic, fails to admit his error and fails to substantiate his false claim. HLD   

The Autism Insanity comment I posted today provoked a knee jerk reaction from ... Kev Leitch at LBRB.  That is not a surprise. Kev fits every fact, news item or commentary into his Neurodiversity ideological blender and jumps quickly in an effort to discredit any contrary views.  His knee jerk post this time though resorted to an outright false statement.  Kev states that I am claiming that:

"Both Dachel and Harold (and David Kirby come to that) are claiming that epidemiology can be ursurped by individual experience"

The fact is that nothing in my post makes that claim.  Kev simply and falsely attributed that claim to me.

If anyone can point to where I said that in my post I would be happy to acknowledge error on my part.

Since Kev obviously reads this blog faithfully I encourage him to man up and point to where I claimed in my comment that "epidemiology can be usurped by individual experience".  If  Kev can not come forward and either point to that claim in my comment, or admit that his attribution to me of that comment is false,  then I would caution anyone about taking any of his comments too seriously.

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Stranded said...

I used to enjoy reading that blog, but have become bored with post after post about the same argument.
I get it. There is no science to support this or that. So what? Can we get on with trying to support the quest for some science to support some hypothesis?? Or is the point to keep arguing to make sure everything except your point of view of things is deemed ridiculous? It is easy to ridicule and tear something down with witticism and sarcasm, and blow smoke to distract from valid questions and concerns regarding epidemiology.

I enjoy the Asperger Square 8 blog. There is some really good insight there for the NT living in an autistic's world and it isn't just always picking a fight with someone or the other. My kid is not Aspergers or High Functioning or whatever label puts him in the category of someone who can speak, read, write, get a job, express themselves and have a friend (we don't know what the future holds for him).

I feel sometimes there is no room in the online communities for people who accept their autism/autistic family members or friends, but still want to look for some answers about the rising numbers.

We need to be open to new information and a perspective other than our own.

jonathan said...

I never took most of Mr. Leitch's commentaries seriously anyhow.

Unknown said...

Kev this was YOUR statement:

""Both Dachel and Harold (and David Kirby come to that) are claiming that epidemiology can be ursurped by individual experience"

I made no such claim and your response here does not provide any back up for your claim.

Grow up, show some integrity and admit you were wrong.

farmwifetwo said...

Kev believes that a vaccine scientist, an anthropologist and a Dr who has those with Asperger's shaking their heads at his new dx criteria... instead of using the DSM-IV....

All know what autism is...

I find the science on LB/RB is directly proportional to their views on autism. If the science supports it... they post it and go "see we told you so".... If it doesn't they either slam it or ignore it...

John Best said...

Kev just likes to twist peoples' words for fun. He knows his arguments are pure nonsense and he bans everyone from his blog who shows him that.

Kev's a coward who has always been afraid to face up to the truth like a man.