Thursday, September 10, 2009

Why Autism? An Excellent Question

"at this moment some one with autism is being born, the question is W H Y"
Kevin Fox, UK autism dad, posted on facebook
Hopefully, some day in the not too distant future, researchers and public health authorities will ask themselves the question Kevin Fox asked on facebook. WHY autism? Simply assuming that autism is 100% genetic is not science. It is long past time for the "it's gotta be genetic" mindset identified by Teresa Binstock in 1999 to be put aside and research conducted to understand all of the causes and triggers of autism - genetic, biological and environmental. If those causes or triggers include vaccines or vaccine ingredients then so be it. This parent, and most parents, want to know why their child has an autism disorder. With numbers of autism diagnoses rising society has an interest in knowing W H Y.
Why autism is a question which remains unanswered. Public health authorities and researchers who are afraid to explore all possible answers to that question for fear that the answer might point to vaccines, or to industrial products, should step aside and let real scientists and researchers, those with open minds and without conflicts of interest weighing them down, do the necessary research to answer it.
Why autism? Let's get busy and answer that excellent question.

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Terri Lewis said...

I wonder if you'd update the section "It's Not About Me" from the 1 in 150 figure to 1 in 100, as per the CDC's current statistics?

Thank you for what you do here.

Ginger Taylor said...


My answer to that of course is ... because we are polluting our kids.

But reverse engineer that question for a minute.


If we were polluting our kids, via food, water, air... if we were over vaccinating our kids... what would you expect to see?

Wouldn't you expect to see seizures? Neurological impairments? Learning disabilities? Autoimmune disorders? Lab tests that show kids full of metals?

And that is what we are seeing.

Unknown said...

Well... I got to this blog by reading the posting on article: "Autism and Potential Environmental Causes - Maternal Antibody IgG"

The article is interesting. However, I think it reverses the cuase anf effect.

Is it pssible that vaccines involve development on rhesus monekys. Then, we give such vaccine to our kids (of one or the other Rhesus blood type) and our kid's immune system reacts to the foreign (moneky) DNA and proteins...

I have a daughter who was just fine until we gave her MMR at 2years. She got major hives a few motnhs later, but appeard still to develop fully normally. At the age 3.5y, we gave her HepB series (Hib with first HepB; Varivax with second HepB)... The third HepB crashed her completely: lost speech, looks to the right side, lost attention completely, vestibular issues....