Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Swine Flu Vaccines, Autism and Public Health Gamblers in the US

In Swine Flu Vaccines, Autism and Public Health Gamblers I commented on the gamble underway in Europe where the the European Medicines Agency is allowing companies to skip testing in large numbers of people before the vaccine is approved, a step that was admitted to be a gamble by Europeon Officials.

Now comes word, as reported on, that US officials are considering their own gamble permitting vaccine manufacturers to to use experimental, untested, additives to increase supply of swine flu vaccine shots.

These authorities may be making a decision they have to make to prevent swine flu deaths. And they may be causing other types of damage.

What the public health authorities should stop doing is trying to pretend that vaccines are inherently safe and that they can not cause neurological damage including autism. They should stop maligning parents who question vaccine safety and who argue that their child's regression into autism immediately after vaccine shots is more than a simple coincidence. They should start addressing their concerns seriously and stop playing cheap games such as occurred when , as reported at Age of Autism, parents were excluded from IACC hearings after several hours waiting, in some cases with their autistic children.

Vaccine programs are vitally important public health tools. But they should not become golden calves worshipped and placed high on an alter above and beyond public criticism and free expression.

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Karen Freeman said...

ect me if I am wrong but I am sure I saw thirmerasol listed as an ingredient on the HINI vaccine that they are asking pregnant women and young children to get. Is this true? If so, what are other governments thinking??!! I know our son received 4 flu shots with trace amounts of mercury in them. I am not saying this autism was caused by this but I certainly would not want anyone else's child (whether in utero or already born)exposed to thirmerasol. What can we do to inform the public?

Unknown said...

Karen from what I understand the vaccines will contain thimerosal AND aluminum. It is also my understanding that the aluminum works with the the thimerosal to make it more potent.

caverta said...

Pretending about the things you don't have is a way to make others fool.But here is the question of people's life and No one should pretend against the life of people