Saturday, March 17, 2007

Conor Having a Ball, An ABA Therapy Ball

Conor's ABA therapy does not involve the use of electric shocks, slaps on the wrist or any other type of aversive. ABA today is practiced with positive reinforcement which can take many forms - from praise to a favorite treat to playing with a toy. One of Conor's favorite therapy props is a large ball. No therapy today but Conor doesn't need anyone to show him how to have fun!!


Anonymous said...

I had to ask them to leave last August after 10mths of therapy with the youngest. It was not a good fit for our family. Which is about the same time I started to blog.

They managed to break the wall and put a hole in it so my #1 goal was met.

I am pls'd with my decision to date, he has an amazing teacher for SrK (the rest of the parents don't like her she's strict) and a great EA. Luckily we changed admin at our school so everything fell in place. He was on the transfer to school program until they were asked to leave the classroom after 6 weeks. Personally... I'm amazed his teacher lasted that long.

Would I go back with a different team - not likely - I'd rather try the Floortime model which is what we use at home with great results. The school uses the TEACCH model and again with his SLP/access to PDD resources/OT we'll manage.

Language is extremely difficult but he's enjoying his school, his peers, and is reading out loud.

It's coming.

kristina said...

We donated Charlie's big purple exercise ball to his classroom for a reinforcer----we've a few more rolling around the house. Charlie likes to sit on the ball on his knees as Conor does.