Saturday, December 02, 2006

Bob Rae Will Win Liberal Leadership

This site is about autism and issues affecting autistic persons. But I am posting this prediction for the fun of it and if I need an excuse to comment on the likely outcome of the Liberal leadership race I will say that political decision making affects autistic persons and their families and caregivers. The truth though is that this is fun and I think Bob Rae will make a good Liberal leader and Prime Minister. [[ If Rae loses I will quickly delete this commentary from the site. :-) ]]

Why WILL Rae win? Because he has a lot of positives but even his negative - his history as NDP premier of Ontario in the 90's - can in fact be justly seen as a positive. I was in Ontario when the NDP surprisingly took the government reins and inherited a brutal recession. Did Rae make some bad choices as Premier? Probably but he claims to have learned from them and I think he has. Bob Rae has been active since taking on difficult tasks including mediating in the Burnt Church fishing dispute when it got really hot.

Other than Rae, Dion and Kennedy are also fine choices. Both are experienced, intelligent and articulate politicians. Ignatieff leaves me cold though. His absence from Canada and from Canadian Political life for decades is a huge negative In My Always Humble Opinion.

Anyway, it should be fun.


Anonymous said...

It's usually better to travel hopefully than to arrive.

Unknown said...


Sound advice mcewen. 3rd ballot voting is going on now. Kennedy has gone to Dion and Rae's momentum may have hit a wall.

I am still calling Rae to win though.

I will have to try to find and post a picture of humble pie or eating crow if I am wrong.