Saturday, April 17, 2010

Conor and Feathered Friends on a Special Treat Walk Adventure

Mom, Dad and Conor headed out for our Saturday morning grocery and treat walk adventure.  Today was a special one. Conor, on his initiative,  stopped at the vegetable section to pick out some peppers  - one orange, yellow, green and red.  He also spotted a basketball and Mom and Dad just coudln't say no.

Along the way we had the company of some fine feathered friends.  I wish I could have produced an audio of the different bird noises we heard chattering back and forth as we moved along the trail.

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Claire said...

Thanks for sharing this great family moment with us, Harold. I can tell you, in Spring, on the mornings I have to be up very, very early with Sophie, hearing the birds sing and carry on as they do at this time of year is a saving grace.