Monday, December 01, 2008

Facing Autism Eliminated From Best Canadian Health Blog Award Voting

Facing Autism in New Brunswick did not make it to the second and final round of voting in the Best Health Blog Award for the Canadian Blog Awards 2008. It was an honor to be nominated. The health blogs in the final round are:

It is interesting to note that 2 of the final candidates for Best Canadan Health Blog Award deal primarily with weight and obesity issues. Obesity is certainly becoming a major health issue in Canada and the United States.

On a personal note I have lost 35 pounds on my current diet.

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Marius Filip said...

Never mind, FAINB remains a great blog.

In a personal note, too: please share the diet!

Unknown said...

It's a low carb diet, which I make no personal recommendations to anyone about. I make sure that my carb count included greens - romaine lettuce, celery, and olives, pickles.

For me, it works. Along with the Conor exericise program for Dad -lots of walking.