Saturday, November 01, 2008

Conor's Autism Exercise Program ... For Dad

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Fredericton so Dad and Conor hit the trail in the afternoon for a good hour and a half of walking fun ... and exercise. Conor's brother and Mom got organized for Halloween trick or treat visitors to our door. I thought a short walk and some fresh air would be nice right after supper and Conor was happy to provide some company.

What started as a short walk turned into a brisk two hour walk from bridge to bridge, from the North side of Fredericton (Nashwaaksis) where we live, to the south side, back across the Saint John River and home. While on the South side Dad, getting a bit weary, thought a taxi the rest of the way home was in order. Conor had other ideas. When I asked if he wanted to taxi or walk the rest of the way home Conor said "walk" and kept a good pace.

In the pictures above early evening turns to night on the second part of our walking day. I usually sleep 5-6 hours a night. 3 1/2 hours of Conor's autism exercise program for Dad resulted in an unimaginable 9 hours of sleep.

Thanks Buddy.

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Anonymous said...

I love all the pictures. Beautiful sunset!
Your taxi comment made me laugh!;-)

I like the new look for your blog too!

-Jo (It's easier to comment anonymously, hope you don't mind.)

Unknown said...

Thank you for your kind comments Jo.