Sunday, March 25, 2012

Autism Society NB Meeting Was A Huge Success!

After the Meeting: Time for Some Chat 
Kim McKeigan  Liz McDonnell  Lila Barry  Harold Doherty  Ricky Barry

Brent Barry  Ricky Barry  Harold  Doherty
It was great having Ricky at the meeting, 
a smart young man who made some good points

Good turnout at the ASNB meeting yesterday despite the flooding conditions present in western New Brunswick especially up river in the Perth-Andover area.  Everyone was fully engaged.  There was a candid and courteous exchange of information and ideas.  Decisions were made, organizational planning got under way and positions were discussed and concluded on key issues facing New Brunswick's autism community.  Next Meeting will be June 2 but there will be activity between now and then including an official statement of concerns from the Autism Society of New Brunswick to the NB government. 

Anyone in NB interested in joining ASNB can do so by emailing me at Please provide your name, community, email address for contact and  the nature of your interest in autism. 

Harold Doherty

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Cameron crimmins said...

Great meeting Harold. Looking forward to the next. Amazing to see all the work that has been done and that still has to be done.