Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ontario Health Official Calls H1N1 A Dud Pandemic

CBC interviewed Dr. Richard Schabas chief medical officer of health for Hastings and Prince Edward counties in eastern Ontario and former chief medical officer of health for the Province of Ontario about the H1N1 Pandemic and he called it a Dud:

""It's really not causing — and is not going to cause and nowhere has caused — significant levels of illness or death," said Dr. Richard Schabas, Ontario's former chief medical officer of health.

"But governments moved ahead regardless. They ramped up their response, spent a huge amount of money on vaccines and other things. I'm not sure the $1.5 billion includes the cost of new ventilators, the cost of Tamiflu stockpiles … the huge investment that's been put into planning for what has ultimately turned out to be, from a pandemic perspective, a dud."

Almost as stunning as Dr. Schabas comments in breaking ranks with the medical establishment is the willingness of the CBC to air an interview with Dr. Schabas.

Maybe there is still some hope for Mainstream Media journalism.

Maybe George Orwell's 1984 has not yet arrived in an H1N1 vaccine needle after all.

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1 comment:

Adrianna said...

I agree about H1NI not being the big deal that everyone says it is, unless you are in a high-risk group. It was the same with the avian flu. People didn't take into account several important things. Number one, we are unlikely to ever have a pandemic like we did in 1918 because our health, health care, and sanitation is so much better. Second, H1N1 is probably not a new illness, but rather, an old illness that has only recently been identified. Since there are only God knows how many strains of flu, this is totally possible.

I get irritated in general with hyping up health scares, and the flu is one of those things.